BSLI is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of custom electrical power distribution products. BSLI guarantees its customers fast, personalized service, quality components, and custom-designed equipment at competitive prices. OUR manufacturing and engineering capabilities have expanded to fulfill the demand for a wide range of standard and custom-designed electrical power distribution equipment.

Personalized Service
BSLI.'s primary goal is to exceed our customers' expectations. In order to achieve this mark, BSLI utilizes the knowledge, expertise, and resources of our experienced Engineering staff.

Our customer-related efforts are carried one step further by adhering to a strict industrial quality-assurance program. All BSLI equipment is thoroughly inspected and tested prior to final shipment. This is just one of many measures taken by BSLI to surpass the expectancies of our customers.

Quality Components
BSLI offers another important value: peace of mind. BSLI uses high-quality components from manufacturers that extensively research, develop, and warranty their products. BSLI integrates all components per manufacturer's factory specifications. BSLI guarantees its equipment for either one year after the shipment date or one year after the date of energizing (extended warranty available upon request).

BSLI 's extensive component selection can result in cost savings for BSLI customers. Leveraging our OEM status, BSLI can use components from all major manufacturers (General Electric, ABB, Legrand, LS Industrial Systems, Hyundai, Eurolight, Lival, Lovato, Terramar). This flexibility allows BSLI to design and construct electrical switchgear using a varied component mixture. The end result is a product that is both tailored to exacting standards and cost-effective for you, the customer.

Along with our commitment to high quality products, Bahrain Switchgear & Lighting Industries.'s customers enjoy:

Custom-Designed Equipment


Equipment can be constructed per applicable standards. This capability is achieved by leveraging BSLI's in-house CAD, CNC, and Painting departments.

Competitive Pricing


Greater economies of scale have led to improved pricing structures.

Fast Response Times


Customers interface directly with the engineer assigned to their projects.

Short Delivery Schedules


Drawing submittal packages and equipment shipment typically meet if not exceed customers requirements.